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The eight dinosaurs are brightly colored and each has its own character. The first dinosaur doll with big eyes and small wings is a cute type. Its color is more hierarchical, the color of the ears is different from the body, the wings are black, the nose is white.The last figure is a yellow body blue hair a little pink on the tail and a little purple on the chest. Head to the left seems to be looking at something interesting, half squatting position is cute.The second dinosaur figure is a bit fun-looking, with teeth leaking out. It carries a small red backpack, wings spread even the schoolbag can not stop. Its head is a little bit forward and its face is pointed and it looks funny with that expression.The third dinosaur doll is a little like a wronged baby, it lies on the red cushion looking at the feeling is not very happy, like a good baby made a mistake, red small wings make it look more lovely.The fourth dinosaur is like a vigorous hunter, lying there as if watching prey ready to rush out at any time. Blue body black wings, small tail up looking really cute.Today we are going to introduce the new dinosaur toys, 12 designs in total. Different from other dinosaur toys, these 12 dinosaur figures show different dinosaur toys to children through the way of cartoon characters. A change in the past fierce image of the small dinosaur,, deck invariable life. Put in the office, as office gadgets or casual play, adjust the dull working atmosphere. The small dinosaur of modelling bud interest, regard as furnishing in the home, add interest. The cartoon shape is lovely and novel, and it is also a good partner for babies. Character collection, many character collection fun, many different models, all classic toys in Jurassic world, try to collect all the little dinosaurs, experience unlimited fun! Role-play games to promote friendship, by playing different small dinosaurs, children race and play each other to promote friendship, develop children's social skills. Safe material to play, smooth design not touch, suitable size baby hands easy to grab fun not tired, easy to carry out to play.The fifth dinosaur doll is different from the previous ones. The overall color is red. Holding a blue pencil, the color match is appropriate and comfortable for people to look at. Its belly is round, the pencil has its half body big, like a love of learning dinosaur baby.The sixth dinosaur has a green eggshell on his head and his hands are outstretched as if waiting for a hug. It is a newborn baby dinosaur, full of curiosity about the world, because just born so can not stand and walk, it is sitting.The seventh dinosaur doll is orange as a whole, with black wings and big round eyes. It is very happy and laughing with its mouth open. As if it found something interesting to make it very happy, so that people can not help but laugh with it.The eighth dinosaur doll is red, with small black wings attached to the back. Holding a whiteboard in his hand, half of his face is covered. His expression is so aggrieved that he seems to have been reprimanded by his mother. It is a special baby dinosaur, ears are standing back, the mouth is a little like a bird's mouth, chubby hands holding the board looks very cute.The other four dinosaur figurines are relatively more detailed, the details are better and more artistic. The first dinosaur doll is mainly gray and black, with pink ears and chest. The use of color combination makes people's eyes shine. The eyes are big and round with green embellishment to make them look more attractive. Tail and head modelling is unique, give a person different feeling.The second dinosaur figurine is made up of gray, black and green. The little dinosaur posture is sitting with a round belly and horns on its head, which is in line with children's fantasy of dinosaurs.The third dinosaur doll is made up of blue, pink and purple colors, giving a bright impression. Sitting lovely, like a darling child, big eyes occupy a small half of the face, people can not help but want to touch it.

These 12 figures are made of environmentally friendly plastic PVC material, safe and odor-free, so that children can play at ease.

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