WJ3003-WJ3004 Happy Dog Collection Mini PVC Toys

♞ Eco-friendly plastic and flocked toy ♞ Can for surprise egg or vending machine ♞ An instant collection of 8 fun doggie ♞ Hight 3.5cm easy to hold in hand ♞ Suitable for any decorative scene, like car or desk   Weijun Toys has two figurine factories of our own in different parts of China - Dongguan Weijun (107,639 ft²) & Sichuan Weijun (430,556 ft²). For nearly 30 years, Weijun Toys has endeavored to offer 3D figurines of both ODM & OEM to the global toy world, that are timely and out of ordinary.   Not only does Weijun Toys provide and deliver on quality and on time, but Weijun Toys will also help you every step of the way! Coupled with a clear vision of what you need, Weijun always strives to give you an unparalleled customer experience.   Need a recommendation? Drop us a quick line, and the experienced and friendly staff of Weijun Toys will get in touch with you as soon as possible.   ✔ Free Consulting from A Toy Factory's Perspective ✔ Stock Sample is Available

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This happy dog collection has a total of 24 deisgns. Each of them is designed based on real pet dog prototype. we have mini plastic bichon,Akita, golden retriever and so on. Each puppy is very small in size, but sculpted vivid.When you looking into their eyes, you can feel them bark. A bichon is a distinct type of toy dog; it is typically kept as a companion dog. Believed to be descended from the Barbet, it is believed the bichon-type dates to at least the 11th century; it was relatively common in 14th-century France, where they were kept as pets of the royalty and aristocracy. From France, these dogs spread throughout the courts of Europe, with dogs of very similar form being seen in a number of portraits of the upper classes of Germany, Portugal and Spain; from Europe, the type also spread to colonies in Africa and South America The Akita (, Akita-inu, Japanese pronunciation: [akʲita.inɯ]) is a historic dog breed of large size originating from the mountains of northern Japan. The two separate varieties of Akita are a pure Japanese strain, commonly called Akita Inu (inu meaning dog in Japanese), and a mixed American strain, commonly larger. The Akita has a short double coat similar to that of many other northern spitz breeds.The Akita is a powerful, independent, and dominant breed, commonly aloof with strangers, but affectionate and deeply loyal with its family. As a breed, Akitas are generally hardy. Historically they were used as guard dogs, fighting dogs and for the hunting of bears Dogs can be a great source of comfort for kids — even when they're coming to grips with difficult life lessons. Whenever kids feel sad, angry, or afraid, they can always turn to their pet. Petting and cuddling dogs has also been shown to relieve stress and help people relax. Safe Material: This product is made from environmentally friendly plastic with no plasticizer,which are reliable, light, comfortable and harmless to the human body and the environment. This is absolutely safe for children. Fun Toys:It can be used as a decoration as well as a way for children to learn to identify the types of pet dogs. Best Gift: This is the best gift for kids who love robots at their birthday or Christmas. Your child will love it very much.

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