Fairy Pony with Wings

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Here, each pony has his own personality, have a love adventure to explore the sparkle of a pony, a shiny small manual expert pony, pony has a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, cool pony love sports, have a lovely and talented big stars, singers, dancers and opinion leaders as one of the ponies, although they have in common, but they learn from each other, They run in and tolerate each other, and finally get along very happily and harmoniously, so that they spent a very happy time together. We have a total of 18 different styles of this pony, which are mainly reflected in the body color, hair and hair color, posture or style, wing color and so on, to highlight the different personality characteristics of each pony. But each pony has two things in common. First, we designed a crown on each pony's head to highlight their fairy and noble image. Second, we designed a pair of small, pointed ears for each pony, because people generally have small and slender body, fair skin, pointed ears, love to live in the forest, elegant and other images. Our ponies are made of certified plastic materials with excellent workmanship,which are relatively stable and difficult to react with other substances at room temperature, so there is no direct impact on organisms. They can pass product tests such as CE or EN71. Usually our ponies adopt the packaging design of aluminum bag + color box,but for this ponies, we can try to expand and design it into a small home form, where a group of ponies with different styles live happily!

Product Introduction

Hi, everybody. Do you like ponies? The one that's always with the gods in the mythology? We are the ponies in the fairy tale, and everything about us is connected tothe place called Pony Valley in little Mary town. As a group of elegant ponies,we are the elves or angels in the eyes of children. Our acromion is obvious, delicate face type, nose bridge is micro long, have a pair of beautiful big eyes, ouch not line, have to go to the water to look in the mirror, we are so beautiful! We like water. First, there is a stream flowing through the town from the mountain, which adds an extra flavor and flavor to our original Village with European medieval architectural style, making it comfortable and enjoyable to live in every day. Second, abundant water provided fertile soil for rainbow-colored apple trees to grow in an otherwise scarce area, transforming Pony Valley from a manor into a thriving town.

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